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Title Year Event
Plenum P-01 One Song, Many Voices / Many Voices, One Song 2016 N16 P01
Plenum P-02 One Song, Many Voices / Many Voices, One Song: Making It Work 2016 N16 P02
Plenum P-03 Spirituality: Many Paths, One God 2016 N16 P03
Plenum P-04 Holiness, Beauty, and Sacrament 2016 N16 P04
Plenum P-05 Transformation through Mission 2016 N16 P05
Plenum P-06 "May the Peoples Praise You, God; May All the Peoples Praise You" (Psalm 67) 2016 N16 P06
Plenum P-07 The Challenges and Richness of a Diverse Church -- That We May All Be One 2016 N16 P07
Breakout A-03 Ars Celebrandi -- Just What is the Celebrant's 'Art?' 2016 N16 A03
Breakout A-09 Youth: Starting and Leading a Youth Liturgy 2016 N16 A09
Breakout A-11 Love Remains: Ministry of Consolation 2016 N16 A11
Breakout A-13 Multicultural: An Anglophone's Guide to Pronouncing Spanish 2016 N16 A13
Breakout A-14 Chants of The Roman Missal, Part 1 2016 N16 A14
Breakout B-03 Clergy: What Good is the Parish Liturgy Committee? 2016 N16 B03
Breakout B-04 Everybody Sing! Whole Parish Music Ministry 2016 N16 B04
Breakout B-08 Rites: Rebuild the RCIA: The Initiating Community 2016 N16 B08
Breakout B-10 La voz de la asamblea (Spanish only) 2016 N16 B10
Breakout B-11 Critical Skills for Learning Hispanic Rhythms 2016 N16 B11
Breakout B-12 Youth and Working with Youth: Understanding and Embracing Praise and Worship 2016 N16 B12
Breakout B-13 Chants of The Roman Missal, Part 2 2016 N16 B13
Breakout B-15 Techniques for Worksing withi Spanish Choirs 2016 N16 B15
Breakout C-03 Preaching in a Multicultural / Multilingual Community 2016 N16 C03
Breakout C-04 Accompanying Quinceañera, Posadas, and Other Cultural Devotions in the Hispanic / Latino Community's Faith Life 2016 N16 C04
Breakout C-08 Cultivating a Baptismal Spirituality in the Parish 2016 N16 C08
Breakout C-12 Working with Youth: Youth Choir Directors Maintaining and Building a Vital Youth Choir Ministry 2016 N16 C12
Breakout C-13 Chants of The Roman Missal, Part 3 2016 N16 C13
Breakout C-15 Cantor: NPM Certificates 2016 N16 C15
Breakout D-11 Teaching Music When People Don't Read Music 2016 N16 D11
Breakout D-15 Making Piano Accompanuments Come Alive 2016 N16 D15
Breakout E-02 Red, Black, Green, and Catholic 2016 N16 E02
Breakout E-07 Choir / Ensemble: Techniques to Improve Singing as a Group 2016 N16 E07
Breakout E-08 The Cantor Animates the Assembly, Part 1: Eye Contact, Facial Expression, and the Importance of Rehearsing / Knowing Your Music 2016 N16 E08
Breakout E-09 Youth: the Liturgical Toolbox 2016 N16 E09
Breakout E-11 Spirituality: Seeing the Divine in Yourself and Others 2016 N16 E11
Breakout E-12 Youth: Rockin' the Classics 2016 N16 E12
Breakout E-13 Organ Certification -- NPM and AGO 2016 N16 E13
Breakout F-02 Calling the Marginalized to Our Communities 2016 N16 F02
Breakout F-03 Clergy and Music Minister Working Together 2016 N16 F03
Breakout F-04 All David's Children: An Introduction to the Old Testament 2016 N16 F04
Breakout F-07 Acclamations and Responses in Black Catholic Worship 2016 N16 F07
Breakout F-08 Instituto de OCP: Introducción 2016 N16 F08
Breakout F-09 Youth: Leading Choirs and Ensembles 2016 N16 F09
Breakout F-11 Directing a Spanish Choir...When You Don't Know Spanish 2016 N16 F11
Breakout F-14 How Can the Keyboard Serve Multiple Cultures? 2016 N16 F14
Breakout F-16 The Cantor Animates the Assembly, Part 2: the Gesture, Proper Body Language, and Use of the Microphone 2016 N16 F16
Breakout G-01 Instituto: Ministerio del cantor 2016 N16 G01
Breakout G-03 La voz de la asamblea 2016 N16 G03
Breakout G-06 Music for the Rites of Initiation 2016 N16 G06
Breakout G-10 NPM Listens: African American Interest Section 2016 N16 G10
Breakout G-11 Preparing to Chant the Exsultet from The Roman Missal, Third Edition 2016 N16 G11
Breakout G-13 Music for Catholic School Masses: How to Teach It, Where to Find It 2016 N16 G13
Breakout H-01 Clergy: Preaching in a Multicultural / Multilingual Community 2016 N16 H01
Breakout H-02 Liturgy 101   Before downloading this recording, note that due to technical difficulties, this recording is incomplete: the first 42 minutes of the session are available here. 2016 N16 H02
Breakout H-03 Introducción al Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos 2016 N16 H03
Breakout H-04 Instituto: por guitar 2016 N16 H04
Breakout H-08 Cantor Techniques in Just One Session 2016 N16 H08
Breakout H-11 Como Dirigar un Coro en Español / How To Direct a Choir in Spanish 2016 N16 H11
Breakout H-12 Rite of Marriage 2016 N16 H12
Breakout H-13 A través de los ojos del ministro de la música: la participación plena, activa y consciente 2016 N16 H13
Breakout H-14 Técnicas de ensayo para niños y coros júveniles 2016 N16 H14
Breakout I-01 La esencia de la planificación litúrgica 2016 N16 I01
Breakout I-02 Instituto: por fundamentos musicales 2016 N16 I02
Breakout I-04 ¡Celebremos! y Cantos del Pueblo de Dios: Recursos de Himnarios 2016 N16 I04
Breakout I-07 The Art of Presiding for Deacons 2016 N16 I07
Breakout I-09 Full, Active, Conscious Participation through the Lens of the Music Minister 2016 N16 I09
Breakout I-12 Directing a Choir in English 2016 N16 I12
Breakout I-14 ¿Como dirigir un coro en Español? 2016 N16 I14
Breakout J-01 Instituto: La planificación de los cantos para la celebración dek matrimonio, exeguias, y quinceañeras 2016 N16 J01
Breakout J-02 Instituto: Téchnicas de vocalización 2016 N16 J02
Breakout J-06 Habilidades críticas para el aprendizaje de ritmos hispanos 2016 N16 J06
Breakout J-11 Adoration and Exposition 2016 N16 J11

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